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China backtracks, says its committed towards peace at Spratlys

After bullying the Philippines and Vietnam, China backtracks and now says that it is committed towards a peaceful resolution of the Spratlys issue. This after building installations at six of the seven islets being claimed by the Philippines. Yesterday, the Philippine Navy went to the Douglas bank and several other reefs and islets and dismantled the markers set up by China.

That patriotic move by the Philippine Navy is more than symbolic–it shows the world that the Philippines will not allow itself to be bullied into submission by a self-absorbed superpower. That despite our size, Filipinos will not allow such bullying tactics by the Chinese.

China should abandon its claim merely on the basis of rationality. How can you say that some islets are yours when these are more than 500 nautical miles from your mainland? The United Nations conventions on the sea disallows such claims.

When the US says that it will support Philippine claims and even sent its warships towards the West Philippine sea, China backtracked and like a dog, sent its tail between its legs. Such saber-rattling moves and bullying does not benefit China, oh, not at all. IN the modern age, gunboat diplomacy does not work wonders anymore. These tactics are being condemned by a more tolerant world. And China should learn its lessons.

That we live in a world where we need to live independently and tolerate others.


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