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Palace afraid of the truth on Butuan Bishop's Revelations

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda lambasted Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos after the prelate said that Philippine president Benigno Aquino should immediately resign from office. But before he did, Lacierda said that the palace is not worried about Pueblo’s call, seeing that the Bishop is, according to Lacierda, an Arroyo stooge.

Stooge or not, there is some semblance of truth behind Pueblo’s statement. Fact is, the entire thing should not be ignored by the palace.

Pueblos said certain groups are now planning against the Aquino administration. This is a political reality. Every new administration faces extreme political challenges such as these. When you replace a nine year old administration, expect something as extreme and as drastic as a military action against you.

Besides, there are certain groups out there which once helped the Aquinos win and were marginalized. They were left out to hang dry at the sidelines. These groups are not to be underestimated by this administration, simply because they not only have the numbers, but they have the right timing on their side.

First, there is now a revolutionary situation caused by rising oil and food prices. The deteriorating economic situation leads to a worsening of relations between the governed and the government. People are blaming this administration for the rising costs of everything. The most hit are members of the middle class followed by the D-E sectors. The prevailing perception on the ground is, this administration is letting Big Business earn millions out of the sweat and blood of the masses.

People have not felt any sympathy from this administration. It continues to be apathetic to the pains and aches of the basic masses. Fact is, the feeling is, it is partial to Big Business, hates labor and does not do anything to uplift the lives of the suffering middle classes.

Aquino is also being pictured as an incompetent and moronic president. Noynoy’s mystique is slowly being effaced by a constant stream of negative propaganda. The proud Communications team is too incompetent and too lazy to even make a counter-move. Probably, they are too busy breast beating against each other that they negate themselves and allow their political opponents to maneuver against their principal.

What is telling right now is the fact that Pnoy already lost a considerable number of political support coming from volunteer groups. He has no counter-force to begin with. If his political enemies move, particularly those with ideological motives, this administration will surely fall.



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