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Mar Roxas just committed political harakiri: Aquino flip flaps and offers a lesser post

Started as Noy-Mar...now its Noy alone.

Three hours were spent by President Noynoy Aquino just to finally convince his former running mate, Liberal party president Mar Roxas as the new Department of Transportation and Communications secretary. The meeting took that long because Aquino probably took his time, choosing his words.

Aquino first dangled the Chief of Staff post to his running mate, only to succumb to several suggestions and finally decided to offer a lesser post.

Malacanang would not admit it but the DOTC post is something small compared to the previous offer.

First, Mar is not a transportation man. Yes, he is a technocrat but he does not have the knowledge on communications and the like. He did well as a trade secretary because of his background. The DOTC post is something alien to him.

The question is–why did he accept it?

happy days are over

Clearly, the President embarrassed himself when he did this thing to Mar, purportedly one of his closest and most trusted friend and adviser. Is Aquino double talking Mar? Aquino is probably lying when he told Mar that he still values his advises and counsel. But, how can Mar do this when he’s literally out of the loop already?

It is very clear that the Samar Group won this round and has tightened their grip to power. It seems that this group knows the weakness of the president and holds him by the tailbone.

Quite honestly, the Samar Group is actually a Kamaganak Incorporated re-imagined or re-branded. This group is composed of very close family members and friends and associates. Slowly but surely, all the other groups are being eased out of the center of power.

By snagging power and practically and literally hindered Mar’s entry to Malacanang, this group has marginalized not just Roxas but all of the groups or at least some of the groups that helped propel Aquino to power. It will just be a matter of time before this group, the Samar Group, is exposed of what it really is–a cabal of close family members and their trusted associates.

Mar has been effectively marginalized. Why? Why did he allowed himself to be shamed, belittled and relegated to a lesser post? Don’t tell me that Mar is so desperate, as to accept such a post which is simply not the thing promised to him initially?

What happened is very clear—the group opposing Mar’s entry to the snakepit that is Malacanang has definitely won this round. I doubt if Mar and his group would be able to recover from this.

If Mar and his group thinks that they can turn the DOTC into a milking cow, what with all those projects, they’re mistaken. These projects will still go thru the Executive secretary and the PMS. It is inevitable that Roxas and the Group of Ochoa will not clash. They will eventually and this will tear this government apart.

Worse, the communications team again mishandled the issue by saying that Mar Roxas would be quite busy attending to all those big-ticket items at the DOTC. They are again mistaken.

These projects are not necessarily political in the sense that it impacts directly in the lives of the people. How then can Roxas tour the country if he’s all busy signing and learning the ropes in his office?

Mar just committed the biggest mistake of his political career. Or, he knows something we don’t?



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