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Fish kills in Philippines signs of global warming?

Tons of dead fishes float in the inland lakes and nearby seas in the Philippines. GOvernment experts say, it’s lack of oxygen. Due to the sheer number of fish pens constructed by entreprising Pinoys, thousands of fishes occupy small pens. Result? Congestion. When there’s congestion, there’s lack of oxygen. When there’s no oxygen in the water, plankton dies and fishes can’t breathe.

Why are these fishes not hauled to market in the first place? Answer: lack of demand. Prices of fishes have risen over the past weeks and people are not buying. That’s why those millions of bangus and fishes stayed in those fishpens, only to die due to congestion.

But if this thing happened in Batangas, why did it happen in other places such as Pangasinan? Don’t tell me that those thousands of hectares of fish pens were also congested?

Experts are not really telling us the real truth. Were these fish kills signs of the heating up of the earth?

Look it happened when PHilvocs noticed an increase in the frequencies of earthquakes. Tremors have been increasing in constant fashion since February. Earthquakes are happening in diverse places, particularly in areas where there are active volcanoes.

Is it entirely possible that our inland lakes are heating up due to seismic activity underground? Government should investigate.


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