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Power struggle in Aquino's Kingdom

Nereus Acosta was slapped in the face..figuratively of course

Seems like LP stalwart and former Bukidnon Congressman’s Nereus Acosta’s non-appointment exposes the real power at the palace.

Acosta, a long-time Liberal partymate of Philippine president Benigno Aquino, was reportedly was reportedly given a very strong slap in the face when Aquino himself announced that Acosta will not assume the post promised to him even before the May 10, 2010 elections.

It was such a humiliation that Acosta was reported to have told the president that he is not anymore interested in getting any post (Veracity of this claim could not be immediately validated. I will strike this out if proved untrue).

Tenuous coalition?

Aquino reportedly hinted about “politics” and the big possibility that Acosta might be affected by the politics behind the position. Aquino is worried that Acosta’s numerous “enemies” might put him in an extremely bad light.

Since about one or two months ago, Acosta has been very visible in numerous LP-sponsored parties and gatherings attended by Aquino and his closest associates. Acosta was very certain that he’ll get the DENR post since this has been promised to him even prior to the May 10, 2010 elections. Acosta ran for senator and lost. Last July, Acosta told media that he’ll just wait it out and he’ll assume the post now ran by his former acolyte, Ed Paje.

Now, things changed. Aquino said Paje will stay, while Acosta will just serve as a consultant “with cabinet rank”. Acosta is expected to head one cluster in the palace involved in environmental and ecological concerns.

This concern is not without basis. When he was Congressman, Acosta  earned the ire of many when he publicly said that he is against mining. Acosta authored several bills on ecological protection.

Concerns were also raised that Acosta might just use his office to revigorate his sagging political career and popularity, which does not sit well with Noynoy.

A powerful parsonage is said to have lobbied against Acosta’s appointment as DENR secretary. Sources say, Acosta’s block, which is clearly identified with Senator Kiko Pangilinan, is losing its grip to Aquino.

Now, do we expect that Hontiveros and former Muntinlupa Congressman Biazon be also appointed? Seems unlikely at this point. The once formidable coalition of forces formed just to prop up Aquino to the presidency is slowly, and surely, crumbling right before our very eyes.




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