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Chic Mom's Club: Lea Salonga's Most Favorite Site

More than 30 million Filipinos use the web every single day. The 2010 Nielsen/Yahoo! Philippines say 76% of this figure rely on the web for information, on searches they do every day.

And probably half if not more than half of that 30 million are females, most of them mothers.

Lea Salonga is definitely one of them. Despite being a busy mom, Lea spends time to nurture her kid. You can’t imagine the pressure, and the stress of being an international singing sensation. Almost every single day, Lea has some gig elsewhere that quality time for her family usually suffers.

And you know what?

I learned from her during the launch of Bounty Fresh’s Chic Mom’s Club that she compensates that by spending time over at the Chic Moms club website (see this at http:\\chicmomsclub.com).

Yes, that website is truly helpful especially for young moms like her. The website serves as a community. Different moms from diverse backgrounds come together to learn new topics on child rearing, on fashion, on beauty and recipe tips that animate someone’s dinner, somewhere somehow.

What’s so good about the website is it is really informative, thanks to the wonderful Bounty Fresh crew of Raya, Kat and Dondi, a fantastic team of young creative minds who thought of this idea to superinflate Bounty Fresh positioning as the premier top-of-the mind brand whenever vacuum-packed, ¬†premier pump chickens are concerned.

Bounty Fresh has been around and for all you Pinoys out there, you should be extremely proud. Here is a Pinoy home grown company that is beginning to stand its ground against big-time players in the dressed chicken industry.

I chatted with Fleishman Hillard people led by Ms. Cosette Romero, Edwin Padillo, Christine Tria and Ram Bucoy and they told me that Bounty Fresh produces 1,000 dressed chickens every single hour. That’s like 24,000 chickens every single day. Wow.

They not only dominate the local markets now, Bounty Fresh is starting to gain a formidable foothold in the regional dressed chicken industry. Double, super wow.

Tennyson Chien, President of Bounty Fresh, was so proud that they launched the club at the Salon de Ning of the Manila Peninsula for one good reason–it was jampacked and well attended by the media.

Fact is—that’s the grandest launch ever made in Manila for years.

Cesce Litton hosted the one and a half hour show that showed Lea singing her latest classic, chic moms and journalists winning awards and prizes and of course, top menus sharing their experiences cooking up something with those plump Bounty Fresh chickens. Wowdoublewow.

Chefs from different cooking schools (I saw my favorite chef, Chef Melissa Sison there. Extremely wow.) were also there to share their “secret recipes” on how to cook chickens the right and loving way.





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