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American Idol Season 10 Finale an anti-climax

Seriously, Lauren and Scotty at the finals of American Idol season 10? That’s what I can a finale killer. Or a very serious anti-climax.

Yes, they’re good singers, these sixteen year olds. What am concerned about is that these two have’nt really gave us a really good “moment”. Haley had her two or even three great ones. The megametal rocker James had his many, many memorable moments.

Haley’s rendition of the “House of the Rising Sun”, a classic rock song, brought the house down. Her final three songs were moments.

I can’t say that with Scotty Mclerry. His songs are “safe” songs, nothing to fret about for some time. Or, his songs are not worth that sharing in Frostwire.com.

Of course, Lauren Alaina’s boring performances. I mean, this 16 year old can still win this in another time, but not this time. Scotty winning this? Maybe. But, more importantly, what is America telling us?

America is going back to its roots. Americans don’t want heavy metal. Americans are sick of hearing rock music.

America likes its Westerns raw, unexciting and just right for the listening.

You know what? Had Haley discovered who she really is early in the game and sang those classic rock songs in her sexy way, she probably would have landed in the top two and probably even won this.


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