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Noynoy's latest date is a Bunny

Bunny Calica

It seems that President Noynoy Aquino relishes the time spent by media writing about his dates. I don’t know where he got the impression that people are interested about his love life.


I, personally, am not. So what if he’s dating a 27 year old mestiza from Cebu named Bunny Calica? So what if the girl looks like Shalani Soledad?

Really, the one fanning the fire is Malacanang. Why? For people to forget all their troubles and for people to forget all these foibles committed by the palace.

What we’re concerned about is the fast ruining reputation of Aquino as a lady’s man and the effects of being such.

Aquino loves pretty and simple women, that we know as a fact.

The concern is not about dating but about being trapped.

What if a business interest introduces him to a very seductive woman to get what they want? Think of what happened to Troy when Helen went there with Paris? Or, what happened to Rome when Cleopatra seduced the Caesar?

These are the dangers of a president who is still unattached and apparently spending so much time looking around for a date.


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