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Mar Roxas assumes "super chief" post

Mar Roxas, the Super Chief

Losing vice presidential candidate Mar Roxas leads a pack of former senatorial and local candidates of the Liberal party who are now poised to assume sensitive government posts in the Aquino administration. Tomorrow, the ban on the appointment of losing electoral candidates will be lifted.

As of this writing, the administrative order creating the Office of the Chief of Staff is being readied for Roxas, who will preside a Liberal party meeting today over at Balai in Cubao Quezon City. According to the wishes of the president, Roxas will act as his “chief of staff” at the same time, assume a full Cabinet-rank post. Many say Roxas will also get the finance portfolio from Cesar Purisima. Purisima’s formal appointment has been dead in the water for quite some time now.

Though there are no legal complications on the appointment of Roxas, many are wondering what would be the effect of this in the pending electoral protest by Roxas against Vice President Jejomar Binay.

As Chief of Staff and the most trusted of the president, Roxas will also share the power of appointing people in the Commission on Elections or Comelec, the military, police and other institutions of governance. With a pending protest, I think it would be tempting for Roxas to indirectly influence the outcome through masterful strokes inside the Aquino administration.

It is interesting to see how Roxas would dispense his function since Ochoa happens to be very close by. Ochoa belongs to the Samar group, a rival faction within the Yellow Government. We all know that Mar is a passionate worker. It would be quite interesting how he plays alongside with Ochoa.

Several changes in the directorial positions are bound to happen in the new administration. MOst are close associates of Roxas and many are members of the Liberal Party.






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