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65% of Pinoy say RH bill must be scrapped

RH bill is anti-life, anti-poor

Sixty five percent (65%) of Filipinos say that the Reproductive Health bill should be scrapped immediately. This is the result of an online and text poll conducted by the ABS-CBN Harapan program last night.

Proponents of the bill, led by Congresspersons Edcel Lagman and Garin faced Pro-life advocates Paranaque Rep. Roilo Golez and Joey Lina in a heated debate over the bill. Lagman and Garin were obviously clubbered by Golez and Lina who came prepared with statistics which show that the RH bill promotes abortion and was a failed experiment by the United States in terms of population control.

Golez was very specific in his barrage against the RH bill advocates–the issue is not about population control but of letting condom or contraceptive companies get more than 2 billion pesos of the public’s money.

Golez said that the Department of Health stands to control more than 2 billion pesos, the sum allotted by RH bill proponents in procuring contraceptives to be given free to impoverished Filipino families.

This will be a source of corruption, warns Golez.

Meanwhile, former Laguna governor Joey Lina was more emphatic—population is not the root cause of poverty. Lina says the Philippines ranks 18th in terms of population density, meaning, that the government has effectively managed the population. Lina also said that many countries with higher populations have improved economic conditions.

Lina says that what ails the Philippines is graft and corruption. If 20o billion pesos is lost due to graft, the solution is not to trim the population, but to control or eradicate corruption.

RH bill advocates meanwhile were on the defensive. They tried but failed to convince the people that the bill, which was patterned after so many RH bills in other countries, have numerous attendant problems.


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