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Pacquiao by technical knockout

Here’s the thing—everybody wants Pacquiao to win by a knockout. Manny Pacquiao, the overall favorite to win his fight against 39 year-old Shane Mosley, wins in all counts: he’s faster, about the same weight as Mosley’s during tip-in and a little tad shorter in reach than the 71 inch wingspan of Mosley. Pacquiao has an advantage in age, being a decade younger and definitely pumped prime right now to inflict harm against the African-American fighter.

The only question is—will Pacquiao, ever a gentleman, allow the fight to last twelve rounds and win only by an unanimous decision? Or will he gun for a knockout?

I say, the fight will end by a technical knockout. That’s best for everybody.

A full knockout will end Mosley’s career, who is a gentleman like Pacquiao. He still can fight another one after he loses to Pacquiao. He can’t do that if he loses just like Hatton.

If only Mosley is a little faster than the Pacman, then, I can say that there is a fight there. Obviously, no other boxer is quicker and stronger than the Pacman right now. The Pinoy pound-for-pound fighter is at the peak of his career.

Now, the only way to defeat the Pacman is if the fighter knows fight science.

Pacman can be defeated by a stronger punch. Yes, he can endure pain. His tolerance to pain is greater than any other athlete.

Yet, the only way possible to stop him is by developing a stronger punch than him. Speed can be stopped, a brick wall can do that. If a much younger fighter with a big punch encounters Pacman, he’ll lose.

Now, I heard that during training, Mosley’s corner emphasized on strengthening his calves, his thighs and his legs. Are they preparing to unleash a stronger Mosley punch?




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