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Noynoy to detractors: I'm no Juan Tamad

Two columnists, Ramon Tulfo of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and former Senator Ernesto Maceda who now writes for the Philippine Star just wrote what others already know–that President Noynoy Aquino appears and continues to act as an absentee president.

Tulfo wrote that Noynoy is just like former president Joseph Estrada who works in the wee hours of the morning and sleeps most of the day. Tulfo wrote in his column that Noynoy wakes very late in the morning after spending his evening either in work or touring bars and restos like a bachelor.

Maceda is not surprised why the drop in the President’s popularity ratings–Malacanang provides no concrete solutions to the numerous problems being faced by the country. Malacanang is one snake pit, a veritable stadium where various interests collide and smash each other. There’s no president who referees. Maceda gives Noynoy these advices:

Our unsolicited advice, therefore:

1. Announce an 8-hour 7-day working schedule;

2. Reduce the VAT on oil from 12% to 9% for 6 months; Gasoline prices has again been increased by P1.40/liter Tuesday.

3. Fire non-performing appointees including 5 Cabinet members and 3 bureau directors. Revamp the Malacañang Communications Group;

4. Sell his Porsche, return his Lexus. Donate the proceeds to Tarlac farmers;

5. Forego his nights out in public bars in Makati and Pasay. Unwind in private houses away from the public view;

President Aquino has completed more than 300 days in office. It’s time to graduate from the student council.

If this is quite lame, wait til you read what Tulfo said.

Tulfo advises the President to work hard like his predecessors and abstains from his bachelor’s ways. He wakes up late–around 10 in the morning because he’s too tired dating different women every single night.

President Noy will never marry because he’s enjoying his life as a bachelor.

He dates different women almost every night, according to my sources.

The President’s hedonistic ways might take a toll not only on his popularity but on his health as well.

And what did the President said, to counter all these? Here’s the `solomonic’ answer:

“I would like to start out with a comment I read in one of today’s columns. Actually there were two columns, both of them critical. And they said I don’t work hard enough. For their information, this is my third engagement of the day. I started out rising at 5:30 in the morning not because I have to plant some fields. But because I have to board the plane by 6:30 to go to two wakes, one in Cebu, one in Samar to attend the wakes of two of our partymates, one killed by assassination and the other due to health concern,”

IMagine, the President just wakes up early just to attend funerals. But, how about the true state of affairs? What is he doing about it?







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