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Changes in the Aquino administration

SALAMAT LORRD candidates to give it one more shot at 2013

A week or two from now, we will witness several changes in Aquino’s cabinet. These are, well expected, since the President already announced this last year. The only question is–where will Mar Roxas decide to contribute his expertise.

Some analysts say Roxas will occupy Cesar Purisima’s post, something which is quite plausible, since Roxas was a banker and a financial analyst prior to government service. Roxas’ expertise would surely be used to the hilt by the administration.

Roxas once occupied the DTI post and several sources say, he is not interested in that post any longer. HIs current post, Aquino’s “trouble shooter” is quite problematic since he is not given any budget nor has he been given any concrete powers to exercise. The wide powers given to him is not at all flattering. It is just a polite way of saying that we don’t exactly know where to place you.

Yet, sources within government confirmed that Roxas’ trusted associates are now occupying sensitive posts in government, something which is expected. However, there are those whom Roxas does not quite exactly see eye to eye.

Former Liberal party senatorial candidate Acosta is poised already to occupy the DENR slot, something which was promised even prior to Aquino’s inauguration. Acosta is not even a forest ranger to speak of, but his backers’ interests are well within the scope of powers he’ll surely have as DENR secretary.

Former AKBAYAN representative HOntiveros is also making another grand public appearance under the Pnoy administration. Hontiveros has been quiet since being sidelined after her senatorial loss. 2013 is just in the horizon and a public position this time around would surely clinch it for the lady legislator.

it is surprising however, why certain members of the PNOY VOLUNTEER GROUPS are leaving this administration in droves.

anyway, expect more stability in the months to come when the Aquino administration unveils its next batch of Cabinet members.


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