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Dissecting the mind of Merci

GMA prays that Merci impeachment trial would not be a venue to show her sins in public

It was nothing short of a melodrama, with all the claims of nationalist bravura and of consideration to country and family.

However, Merceditas Gutierrez’s resignation was not as simple as what Malacanang and Gutierrez wanted to make it appear. There was nothing sudden about the decision. Fact is, this resignation has been planned after a series of “discussions” between the Aquino and the Arroyo camps.

Truly, both camps want nothing of a war. A war among equals is frowned upon. Inter-elite wars are usually quite nasty. It also affects business. It is like a mafia war. When it explodes, business is disrupted and relations strained.

That’s why people are asking Noynoy Aquino what’s the trade-off. In politics, there is nothing “sudden” about almost anything. I don’t believe that Merci just suddenly had a change in her mind, called up Malacanang and got an appointment with a “busy” president.

Merci’s resignation negates the impeachment trial. Now, it will all be filed before the courts. The impeachment trial should have been the venue for the Filipino People to hear more about the indiscretions committed by Arroyo when in power.

Without the trial, Arroyo’s sins will forever be kept in a vault, just for the viewing pleasure of the Powers-That-be. Senate president Juan Ponce Enrile even said that all the papers about Merci’s impeachment trial would now be put in the archives of the Senate, never again, be opened for public scrutiny.

Fact is, Merceditas according to sources, was ready to hand over her resignation as early as Monday. Monday was the day when the Arroyos left for San Francisco. Coincidence? No.

Fact is, the Arroyos reportedly even called Merci and told her that she’s on her own. The Arroyos are facing multiple criminal charges stemming from their actions during their 9 year reign. They’re getting it from this administration. They’re crying prosecution, when in fact, this is actually about restitution.

Restitution of what? Of the finer things destroyed by immorality and injustice during the Arroyo regime. The Arroyos are in the states probably asking the US government to help them in their cases. The question is–will the US State department grant their request to save their arses?


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