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Taiwan to sink due to tsunami

A self-proclaimed prophet popularly known as Teacher Wang is spreading his apocalyptic message to his fellow Taiwanese–take cover as a huge tsunami will hit the island of Taiwan by May.

Though Teacher Wang did not specify when in May, several Taiwanese had already prepared for the worst by buying makeshift homes out of cargo containers. Estimates said, around 100 have been built from cargo containers.

Cargo containers have been used as homes since the nineties, but never in Taiwan. Taiwanese officials are looking into the possibility that Teacher Wang is just making a scare tactic to spur a buying binge for the cargo containers.

And never did Teacher Wang actually announced when in May. He just said that in May, there will be a huge tsunami that will strike the island.

Tsunami scares are dime a dozen. After what happened in Japan, Taiwanese have been quite worried about the state of their nation since the Japan earthquake happened just a few thousand kilometers away from Taiwan.


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