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United States Naval force to use Subic as base again?

Welcome former masters, use us once more

Renting out one’s facilities for the military use of the world’s superpower is actually okey. Cuba does that, so do Japan. These are independent states.

However, when a former colony such as the Philippines, full of arse worshippers of foreign arses, and with a record of failures when it comes to securing the rights of its own citizens against rights violations committed by these foreign hordes, rent or lease is something worth seriously looking into.

Two Senators, Dan Inouye and Cochran are on a mission. They recently visited Subic, a former US military base. Their mission: review the possibility of Subic being used by the US military again as their naval base. This possibility is to be included in a review of the Visiting Forces Agreement or VFA.

Nothing wrong with temporary visits. This is legal under the VFA.

What is not legal is the possibility of extensive use of the port and long-term stays, which, are illegal not just in the VFA but also in the Constitution. Likewise, the possibility of nuclear weapons again being stored in the base and its presence lurking under the waters of Philippine territory. These are violative of the Philippine Constitution.

Nothing wrong really if we do have a strong government that will secure and fight for any violations of rights. However, the history of US military use of Philippine bases is as checkered as a chess set.

Right now, Subic has healed. It has regained its former glory. Its forest is teeming with life. Subic is a serene place.

When these US military men once again make Subic as base, the entire situation at Subic will change once more.

Subic will again teem with honky tonk bars, peopled with underaged women and Filipinas again siring bastard sons of lowly US ship hands.

This must be stopped at all costs. Unfortunately though, those who are expected to pursue the true People’s Cause remain star-struck and are working with this government.




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