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Me and my Papa John's Pizza

Papa John's Pizza--the best in manila

I know the difference between a good and a best pizza. I know if a pizza is “commercial” and “homestyle”. It’s in the crust.

I know coz I make my own pizza. Yes, I painstakingly make my own pizza dough, and it takes 3 or more hours to do it.

Many of us just buy our pizza crust from the grocery, put our pizza sauce in it, some cheeze and the toppings, and that’s it. We don’t make our own dough. Those who do, well, they know the taste of a best pizza.

Papa John's classic garlic sauce

Fortunately, I don’t need to make my pizza dough. There’s a Papa John’s Pizza outlet at Annapolis street, Greenhills, San Juan.

And my friends, I assure you, when you get to eat that Papa John’s pizza, you’ll know you come to the right place for the best pizza in town.

Papa John’s pizza is an entrepreneur’s business. John from Jeffersonville, Indiana traded his Camero car to put up his own pizza restaurant.

Me and my Papa John's pizza--yummy

He had a dream—make the best “non-commercial pizza” with all the toppings and best ingredients. He probably was sick of those commercial pizzas made by top brands. And so, he thought of making pizzas that are filled with the best toppings and the best ingredients.

In 1983, Papa John was born. A year later, the first Papa John restaurant was built. Since then, it was uphill climb for the entrepreneur’s pizza.

I heard that Papa John’s pizza has conquered many countries, including the Philippines and the Middle East.

That’s good to hear. Really, Papa John’s pizza is better than Pizza Hut and Shakey’s combined. It’s motto ” The Best Ingredients. The Best Pizza” is marked in every pizza slice they serve.

What’s more, I think it’s innovation that keeps them going. Every serving has its garlic sauce, and some jalapeno peppers to chew on. Yummy.

One lesson for entrepreneurs—if you have something in mind and in your heart, you believe in it, go for it. Take Papa John’s pizza in mind.



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