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Peter Parker is dead: Long Live the New Spidey

Peter Parker is no spidey no more

Peter Parker, the citizen alter-ego of the Spiderman, is Spidey no more. That’s what Marvel comics intends to do with the high schooler bitten by a radioactive spider by its next issue.

” The Ultimate death of the Spiderman” will see Peter Parker abandoning the red and blue suit that animated the minds of millions around the world. It is still uncertain though, what fate awaits Parker shortly after the issue.

Will Peter Parker assume a totally different persona? Will he embrace the Spidey lifestyle forever and abandon his ordinary life as a citizen of Forest Hills, New York?

With great power comes great responsibility, that’s how the Spidey thinks about life. Will he forever change into a spingey thing spitting webs unto criminals and crawling walls like, a spidey?

Peter Parker’s fate is unknown, says Marvel Comics. What is certain is that a new Ultimate Spiderman will hit New York’s super skyscrapers shortly after the demise of Peter Parker.

Who’s behind the sleek black and red spidey costume, Marvel does not say. But, definitely, its not Peter.




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