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Sara Palin's Tea Party worries Republicans

Now that President Barack Obama already announced his intention to seek a second term, the Republicans right now is hard-pressed choosing who among its dwindling ranks, would be “It”. Sara Palin, former Alaskan governor, is being touted as a “formidable candidate”

Sara Palin is still not sure if she’ll challenge incumbent president Barack Obama for the top post next year, although many Republicans see her as a “partner-less” candidate.

Presidential elections are slated next year. Yet, the Republicans have’nt announced their possible candidates for the post.

Sara Palin has her Tea Party as her main backer. The party is more radical than her Republican partymates, and this worries many people.

The Tea Party wants fiscal and economic reforms. Their prescriptions are somewhat very critical of the system.

Republicans are traditionalists. How will Palin reconcile her Republican roots with that of her Tea party membership? Will this alienate a huge number of Republican constituency?


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