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Kris Aquino's new love?

Kris Aquino, the sister of the President, is reportedly, again, in love. Yes, the host of the primetime evening show, The Price is Right over at ABS-CBN Channel 2 is reportedly in love with a young businessman politician.

No, it’s not Makati mayor Binay or ABS-CBN broadcaster Ted Failon, who is also rumored to be one of the guys Kris Aquino idolizes and reportedly, a constant date.

This guy, whom Kris reportedly considers a “regular date” is five year older than Kris, a tall guy and looks Chinese. True, the guy has Chinese blood but considers himself “Pinoy”. He lived abroad for a long time and said to be in the Philippines due to business interests.

Kris is said to be very keen with the guy not just because he’s handsome and responsible, but because the guy understands the industry where Kris comes from, and that’s showbizness.

Kris is also preparing to enter politics by 2013. She is very keen on either the Congressional or gubernatorial post of Tarlak. However, there are certain quarters who are convincing her to try her hand on Q.C. politics or Senatorial. Kris is non-committal. Yet, she is rather convinced to try her hand in politics.

Anyway, Kris and the guy met in one function, and sources say, it was love at first sight for Kris. The question is–how will this impact on Kris’ domestic life? Her sisters are trying to convince her not to get married for the third or fourth time anymore.

Anyway, Kris’ annulment case is still being heard at the courts. The two estrangled couples are reportedly friends again for the sake of their 4-year old son.

The two has already ended negotiations or parting of their properties.


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