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Gloria Arroyo tries to attack Aquino

Former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo accuses the Aquino administration of having a “vacuum of leadership”. Whatah?

How can Arroyo even say this when, in all nine years under her rule, there has been no leadership at all EXCEPT a leadership centered on amassing wealth and getting rid of all the moral and good things of this country.

Nine long years of suffering is enough to condemn this bastard lady. Those nine long years of immorality, of senseless graft and corruption and the wanton disregard of the rights of many, that is leadership?

When Arroyo was still head of government, she was heading a headless bureaucracy ruled by those who hold her shirt. Grafters had a field day. They entered into anomalous deals, left and right, without regard to the effects of these to the people.


We now have a humongous trillion dollar debt, an almost empty treasury, a misfunctioning bureaucracy whose language is bribery and a confused citizenry driven to poverty and desperate measures.

Yes, there are still problems to solve, and now Arroyo accuses the Aquino administration of “a vacuum of leadership”? Is it because of the work ethic of the president, reportedly not used to working more than 8 hours a day?

Or, is it because of the constant presence of a defeated electoral figure who really aspires to become a person he was not meant to be?

Such accusations are baseless. The President, is on top of the situation, probably, not always, but he is there.

Gloria Arroyo is deathly afraid of the fate she expects to get once the impeachment of Merceditas Gutierrez rolls on this coming May. The Palace vows to file charges against Arroyo once Merceditas is officially out of the picture.






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