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Colorful Manila

Manila used to be one of the most beautiful things in Asia. During the thirties and forties, before the World War devastated every wonderful things in sight, Manila was considered the Venice of Asia. If you’re amazed of the Western and European architecture that Malaysia and Singapore have, lust at those buildings inspired by European and US architectural design surrounding Manila before the war. Many old people say they are really a beauty to behold.

Now, we see little of those things. Travel in Intramuros and you’ll still find some, yet, the scent, the feeling and the feast of the eyes that one normally gets when looking at those old structures are gone. Maybe it’s because of poor restoration work. Compare Intramuros with the restoration that Vigan did, and it’s worlds apart. Vigan is still one darn place to look for when it comes to old houses and old architectural designs.

We see only the churches that spot-marked Manila as the only places left remaining of Manila’s glory days. Manila Cathedral is one fine example, although, frankly, its Old World appeal is not there anymore. Try looking at those old, restored houses all throughout the Intramuros compound and if you’re lucky, you’ll still probably get a shot of those still restored “the old way”.

If you want to get a glimpse of pulsing Manila, go to Luneta. Luneta, in weekends, pulsates with thousands of people, mostly families who want to escape an air-con less home, and enjoy the breeze of Luneta. If you want to see how Manilenos spend their quiet time with family, go to Luneta.

Of course, most of us don’t want to mess up and dirty ourselves with polluted air of that place. Many go to malls for window shopping.

Honestly, Luneta still has its own charm so to speak, especially for those who spent their childhood there. I mean, those who spent their weekends there with their families, Luneta is one memorable place.




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