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Pinoy Optimism dived just after 11 months of Aquino's administration

Filipino optimism about the economy or the “state of things” went down not just a couple of notches but a plain and simple dive.

From 35percent, only 11% of Filipinos say they expect their lives to improve. Economic optimism fell 22 percent, from 26 points to 4 points.

Thirty six percent of Pinoys surveyed said their lives worsened in the past 12 months, while 26 percent said it improves. There’s a net gainers-losers score of negative 13, 8 points lower than negative 5 last November.

Everywhere, personal optimism declined, except in Visayas where there is an increase of 3 points. Yet, every where, from Luzon to Mindanao, things are not that wonderful for the new administration.

Those in the socio-economic class of ABC, optimism fell by 10 points. It’s worse in the class E, when it fell by 15 points and the “D” class by 8 points.

Net economic optimism likewise plunged in all areas and classes, the pollster said. It went down by 34 points to -3 in balance Luzon, by 27 points to 14 in Metro Manila, by 21 points to 9 in Mindanao and by 18 points to 5 in the Visayas.

Class ABC’s economic optimism fell by 44 points to 3 while the masa’s plunged by 27 points to 1. There was also a 21-point drop to 11 among class E.

SWS said the percent of gainers over losers became less negative in the Visayas (up by six points to -8) and remained steady in Metro Manila (-7). It worsened in balance Luzon (down by 14 points to -19) and Mindanao (an identical 14-point fall to -10).

Net gainers fell to double-digit negatives in all classes, according to the SWS. The drop was 26 points to -16 for class ABC, 14 points to -17 in class E and four points to -11 among the class D.


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