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TV5 Backs Revillame

Saying that there was no child abuse committed by their very controversial host Willie Revillame, TV5 announced that they are backing him until the end.

Fact is, TV5 expressed no remorse on what happened. Legally, yes, there was no child abuse, since it is pretty obvious that there are only two (2) juridical entities entitled to claim child abuse: the parents against a third party and the State against the parents. For the State to file child abuse cases against Revillame, they would actually have to file a case against the parents of the child, Jan-Jan, who, unfortunately, based on the facts, their roles are as fuzzy as their minds.

If you see the clips, yes, there was some truth to what Revillame said—these are regular scenes where shows present children dancing like adults. The only difference at this point was the crying. Jan-jan was crying for unknown reasons. The people who watched the video probably thought that he was crying because he was being forced to do the dancing. Revillame explained that the child was crying because he was afraid of a 7-foot behemoth, Basketball star Bonel Balingit who lurks just a few feet away from him.

However, indications are terribly right that indeed, the child was psychologically disturbed when he was making such dance moves. You can see it in his face. Yet, we can’t really say what troubled him.

Was he afraid of the crowds? Stage-fright is one reason. Was he afraid of Balingit? That was the explanation given.

Was he afraid that if he choose not to dance, he might get “it”punishment from Revillame or his parents? We can’t say. For one, the video does not say much except to show that the child danced like a macho dancer while crying before hundreds inside the TV studio and millions more at home.

What is, in fact, true is, kids should be spared from these kinds of humiliation. They should not be encouraged to shame themselves because of their poverty. Revillame was incorrect in saying that people go to his show to get money and have some fun. I think TV5 should remind itself that it is not a government dole-out agency. It is a television network, whose primary aim is simply provide entertainment.

Now, what kind of entertainment do they want to show to the people depends on what they want. It should not however border on the obscene or to thoughtless entertainment.



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