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Catherine Zeta-Jones: One Tough Gal

It’s quite hard to admit, especially to a gorgeous lady admired by millions around that world, that she suffers from bi-polar disease.

Yep, how in the world can you imagine, Catherina Zeta-Jones, that sexy vamp in numerous Zorro movies, suffering from bi-polar disease. Seems that God really wants to impress upon us, that even goddesses Whom He created, suffers some ordinary things which we ordinary humans, suffer as well.

Many women were inspired by what she revealed. Zeta-Jones, who is married to cancer-stricken Michael Douglas, wants to put a brave front, but she can’t. Douglas is the love of her life, her mentor and her spiritual buddy, the one half of her whole.

Douglas suffers from stage 4 cancer and you can’t really do anything anymore there except wait for a miracle–either one that would prolong things or one that would promptly end things without so much pain.

Douglas is a great guy. He’s really lucky to find such a wonderful partner in Zeta-Jones. Many people who witnessed this May-October affair blossommed into a marriage, says that they will not last. Decades still, and the couple are still as sweet as they were when they first met.

I just pray that God grants them more time together. It is very inspiring to see these two still at it despite many years of being together. Love, really, is as mysterious and as misunderstood as life itself.


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