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Philippines as World's No. 1 Drug Hub

The Philippines has become a drug distribution center in the entire region, and possibly, even the world. This is how a friend, a PDEA agent, described the current situation now.

” We have become not just a transhipment point in Asia, but the biggest distribution hub in the world, ” says the agent who asked not to be named for this interview.

The lack or sometimes absence of drug-sniffing dogs, apparatuses, corrupt enforcement officials and protection coming from politicians are to be blamed for the worsening drug situation in the country.

More than a ton of cocaine, and about 10 million kilos of methamphetamine hydrochlorine or shabu are being produced and sold or distributed from the Philippines to different parts of Asia, the United States and Europe. The local drug trade in the Philippines is valued at 50 billion pesos.

Before, when the drug issue became a political one, government authorities tightened the security of the country’s borders. That action somewhat lessened the incidence of drugs coming out and going in the Philippines.

When the heat was lifted, drug syndicates had their hey-day, building shabu laboratories in almost all major cities and distributing them not just locally but outside the country. The agent even joked that shabu, marijuana and even ecstacy tablets are the Philippines’ major exports.

More than 11 million Filipinos suffer from drug addiction caused by the proliferation of illegal substances in the streets. Drug addicts as young as twelve or in some cases, even 10 years old, are getting their stuff like they’re just buying a candy at 7-eleven stores. Drug pushers have improved their distribution network. Facilities are now being used to distribute the illegal drugs in bars and restos throughout the metro.

A report even said that a warehouse is being kept somewhere in Novaliches Quezon City. This warehouse is being maintained by an international drug cartel. West Africans, mostly Nigerians, are making this their storage facility for cocaine and other drugs to be distributed in Asia.





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