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Barack Obama starts re-election bid

Barack Obama

It seems just a few years ago when a young Senator from Chicago made presidential history.

Barack Obama, a maverick Black American politician, made history as the first African-American politician to become President.

He rode on a campaign for change, rallied every American on city to city, town to town, reportedly on a shoe string budget, before finally announcing to the world, that Obama actually made 700 million dollars worth of contributions for his election.

Obama was born a salesman, and he sold his idea of change to as many as 200 million people, all of different races, but enchanted with his singular message: Yes, we can! We can change!

And yes, everything changed.

From a single digit unemployment, joblessness ballooned to double digits. The ranks of the poor remained significantly high.

The economy also changed, with most Americans still living on a shoe-string existence, most are still waiting for that promised 1 million jobs. As they wait, gasoline and prices of goods skyrocketed, instigated by a changing global landscape.

When Obama first made a speech, he vowed to change the Middle East. Obama promised a stronger and closer engagement with both allies and enemies in that troubled region. Two years hence, and we see the U.S. did, indeed, closed the gap, by acting as an aggressive occupier, really sending its troops closer to the Middle East through war and aggression.

When Obama was touring the country, he promised sweeping changes. Those changes, however, did not happen, as quickly as what Obama promised before the American people.

Now, Obama and his campaigners admit that it was’nt as easy as they thought it would be. So, they’re asking for another term for the young Obama, and frankly,  no one is fit enough to challenge him.

The question—will America still believe Obama, the salesman?



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