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Victoria Jackson Cosmetics Launch at the Opus

Victoria Jackson Philippines Launch at Opus by Granton Marketing

It was a great night of fun, excitement and live thrills as Victoria Jackson launches its new line of cosmetic products for the Filipina women at the posh-to-be Opus Bar and Lounge at Resortsworld.

In celebration of Women’s month, Victoria Jackson, an iconic Hollywood makeup brand, awarded fifteen exceptional Filipinas from the government service, politics, non-governmental organizations, fashion and entertainment as this year’s 15 Women of Essence. This year’s awardees were voted not just for their exceptional beauty, but also their continuing work as advocates for change in the Philippines.

John Rankins, managing director of Optimo International, exclusive distributor of the Victoria Jackson brand in the Philippines, says that the award is the first ever in the country.

Ricky Rivera with friends, Charlotte and Don Bigas

More than 100 Filipinas were chosen for the award, says Sheilla Habab, PR manager of Victoria Jackson in the Philippines, but only fifteen survived the rigorous selection process undertaken by Optimo International, the exclusive distributor of the Victoria Jackson brand in the Philippines.

Habab says the process was essential to determine who among the current crop of beautiful Filipinas would really exude the kind of beauty, Victoria Jackson cosmetics is known for throughout the world.

For over thirty years, Victoria Jackson cosmetics have been in the forefront for the advancement of women empowerment. Victoria Jackson, who founded the cosmetics company which bears her name, is a philanthropist and an active promoter of womens’ and children’s causes throughout the world.

Victoria Jackson started as one of the top Hollywood makeup artists, famous for her “no makeup” style. For many years, Victoria Jackson serves the likes of Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and even Madonna.

Since its initial launch in 1989, Victoria Jackson makeup have conquered the beautyscape with its “no makeup, makeup” beauty product line. The company which bears her name started small. After a week, Victoria Jackson sold more than 10,000 beauty kits and over US$ 1 million in revenues. In 1992, Victoria Jackson grossed over US$ 40 million in sales. Since its debut, Victoria Jackson cosmetics earned more than US$ 200 million in sales through its aggressive marketing strategy.

Today, Victoria Jackson is now one of the fastest selling cosmetics brand in the world. It is being distributed in the United States, Europe and other countries in Asia.

More than selling cosmetics, the founder of the company which bears her name is very active in promoting women empowerment. The founder believes that the beauty of a woman lies underneath the skin. Women, says Victoria Jackson, are beautiful both inside and out. Makeup is just a tool to make the woman’s skin exude its real beauty.

“ Real beauty”, says John  Rankins, Managing Director of Optimo International and Granton,” is really what the woman does shows up every time in her life. The essence of a woman so to speak, is her authenticity, character, her contribution to her family and society. This is the reason why we launched this search—to pay tribute to those Filipinas who are not just beautiful—but have contributed immensely to the development of Philippine society through their work.”

Rankins say this year’s Victoria Jackson Women of Essence exemplifies the values of its founder, who believes that women have the power to really change the world.

Rankins added that the philosophy behind the success of Victoria Jackson throughout the world is its faith in the essence of women. Victoria Jackson makeup, says Rankins, make women throughout the world, look better. When a woman looks better, she feels better. And when she feels better, she changes her life, adds Rankins, the exclusive distributor of Victoria Jackson cosmetics in the Philippines. And when she changes her life, she changes the environment around her.

Rankins say that their company chose more than a 100 women active in the fields of journalism, government service, non-governmental organizations and entertainment. Profiles of those chosen were then studied by a pool of numerous social influencers. After a series of reviews, fifteen were chosen and voted for to receive this year’s award.

Winners of the Victoria Jackson Women of Essence received a special trophy and citation from Victoria Jackson, and several other exciting prizes. Awarding ceremonies was covered by several media outlets, which includes television and beamed throughout the world using the Internet.



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