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Seven Suites Hotel Observatory–the best place for couples

Seven Suites Hotel Observatory

Seven Suites Hotel Observatory in Antipolo

I just came across this quaint yet elegantly styled hotel in Antipolo. Antipolo, by the way, is a 35 minute or so drive up from Manila.

If you have a car, it is very easy to go there. Take Marcos Highway. When you reach Masinag market, take a left at Sumulong Highway. If you see a big golf ball with the words “Valley Golf”, turn at the first street onto your left. (There’s an Old Spaghetti House at the corner). You’ll never miss the sign which says “Seven Suites”.

Seven Suites, for those who know, has been in the area for quite some time. After a management change, the hotel was re-furbushed and completely changed. From a rundown hotel, Seven Suites was transformed into what it is today—an elegant new boutique hotel that boasts of modern amenities set in a rustic setting.

Its very nice to go there. Enjoy the majestic sunset above the city skyline.

If you want to de-stress, go to Seven Suites Hotel Observatory now.




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